Reading Mini Lesson Resources

This Wiki includes a collection of mini-lesson resources to go with the lessons in Laura Candler's Power Reading Workshop: A Step-by-Step Approach.You can learn more about the reading workshop approach at These resources were contributed by Nathania Vanderham and other members of the Empowering Readers discussion group, and they have not been edited or reviewed by Laura Candler. They are simply offered as helpful resources by teachers who are using the program.

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Reading Mini Lessons - A list of topics and web resource

My Personal Language Arts Goals - Student record-keeping page

Language Arts Glossary - Similar to the Mini Lesson Resources without the weblinks

Reading mini lesson Sequential order

School year curriculum map w/ Empowering Readers and mini lessons

Rubrics for reader responses, letters, and comprehension strategies

Author's Purpose

Cause and Effect

Character Traits

Context Clues

Figurative Language



Plot Map


Tone and Mood

Main idea

fact and opinion

Reading Review menu: Expository Menu Expository Def.



Point of View

Shared Inquiry

Discussion questions


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